Carol – DPE100 – October 2020

We have had our DPE 100 for about 3 weeks now. One of the things we have realized is that we are sleeping much deeper. Every month we work with a quantum physics energy healer and he measures the level of our adrenals. At our regular scheduled appointment (after only 3 weeks of the DPE 100 being installed), he checked our adrenals and saw positive increase in both my husband and myself. He said he has never seen this level of increase in just one month’s time; it usually improves at a much slower rate – if at all. I then told him about the DPE 100 – we are excited to see as time goes on all the health benefits!

Thank you for making this product available Richard!


A later update…

Hi Richard, I wanted to send you another update for our DPE 100. It’s been two more months since the install and we continue to see an increase in positive results. My spouse and myself had a second check-up (since install) from our practitioner and, again, he was impressed by the increase in our numbers that measure our health. Our adrenals measured more improvement and are some of the highest he has seen in our age range. Sleep continues to be amazingly peaceful and it is rare that we don’t have a great night’s rest.

Our garden is also showing changes. We are in Minnesota and normally by this time of year, the tomato plants are dried up and done producing any new fruit. Right now, ours are still producing fruit and the branches are very healthy and full of lush leaves. Here is a photo taken of the tomato plants today – we have never had them looking this wonderful so late in the season (October 9, 2020).