Caroline – DPE100 – February 2020

Just thought you would be pleased to get this great feedback; to me, it is amazing.

We have had a really bad infestation of mosquitoes. Our whole island, by about 3:30pm, if you were outside and the mosquitoes liked your blood, it was just terrible and the bites would last two weeks, scratching and itching awfully.

The first 12 months we were here, they were not a problem but for the next 4 years it was always “get indoors” because even though we used to spray insect repellents and special candles, it was never enough.

Guess what? Last night we sat outside and there wasn’t one!!! I texted my neighbour, and he said that he didn’t notice any, either, and believe me you can’t miss them!!! He was very excited.

We have a beautiful park right on the border of where the DPE100 reaches, so I can’t wait to see if it has been cleared, too, as it is full of animals and the council puts in a huge amount of work to keep it beautiful.

Anyway, how wonderful is that?

Have a good evening



Yesterday, 3/2/20, storms were predicted for south-east Queensland and, as usual, the massive sheets of lightning were coming our way. We could see them from our dining table and I was starting to get very nervous as they sweep around and come down and head straight down the river, and all hell seems to break loose. Very scary. The last time we got hit, it was $28,000 of damage, let alone the fright.

This time we watched the sheets of lightning come close to our area and it seemed to just quieten down and dissipate after a great light show.

Across the river from us, we could see the lightning way behind the houses, which usually ends up in our front yard. WELL, GUESS WHAT!!! It just settled down and didn’t come any closer. Amazing!!! Was it just an unusual storm or did it stay out of our DPE ZONE??? However, all I can say it was different from what has happened before with the summer storms.

We sure will be taking notice when the next one comes.

Happy day

Follow up

Also, I noticed, not just over our area, but a change in our clouds in the sky over our city. Is this due to the DPE??? The clouds over the prior months during the fires really disturbed me as I had never seen such dense thick clouds over the Gold Coast so consistently, and it just didn’t seem like it was all from the fires.

I would go out and look every day and it didn’t seem to change for quite some time. Then they suddenly started to thin out, the density was shifting and the atmosphere seemed like with a feeling that everything is becoming OK, whereas before there was a very uneasy feeling about it all.

So, the clouds finally lightened up, we had a lot of rain but not too much of the destructive winds, a bit of flooding but we sure have had a lot worse. The lightning has definitely settled down. However, is this just what has happened this year and so it was normal or was there really some sort of, to me, big change for our February weather??? I don’t know; only time will tell.

I have been hanging onto the center rod to clear myself quickly of energy, etc., that is not appropriate for me. Also, I made a bed of cushions right next to the window where the DPE is installed. Every day I rest and read there for an hour or two to help my body heal from a disease.

March 10, 2020 update We haven’t had any damage since we installed the DPE, plenty of heavy rain but no flooding, hail or lightning. Every previous year we have had really bad storms, lightning, floods and super strong winds for this time of the year but not now, isn’t that fantastic; this is so different to what it has been since we came here over 40 years ago.

Most importantly, the DPE is very effective if I rest near it for about three hours and that brings my body back into balance that equals body comfort.