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Achieve improved health, growth, yield & water retention using few or no chemicals; while protecting and detoxing crops, land, livestock, produce & humans and neutralising EMF.Get all of the above, and more, from one natural product – shungite. Shungite is a natural mineral that has its origins from around 2.2 billion years ago.It has been Read More

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The below article was extracted from an original article written by Valerie Burke who first posted it at Green Med Info on December 7th 2018. Valerie is  a freelance health writer in Olympia Washington. Her background is in both allopathic and integrative medicine. She has a masters degree in nursing science. Valeries areas of interest Read More


Introduction – DPE 100 & DPE Shield Devices – 22:14Installation – DPE 100 – 6:11Several people have reported a “blue eye” in the clouds over their DPE 100 installation. This brief video illustrates this phenomenon in Florida.Blue Sky Over Florida – 00:08 secSeveral people have reported a “blue eye” in the clouds over their DPE Read More

DPE Shield Agriculture

The Advanced Technology 7 DPE Shield Agriculture brings exciting new function to the DPE range and is the “big sister” to the DPE Agriculture. The DPE Shield Agriculture enhancement zone is 4850 acres or 1964 hectares, whilst the environmental protection zone is 15km (9.3 miles). This makes the DPE Shield Agriculture suitable for broad acre Read More

DPE100 EMF Protection

DPE 100 EMF Neutraliser Benefits The following outlines the benefits arising from the deployment of the DPE100 EMF Neutraliser: FOR HUMAN AND ANIMAL BEINGS REDUCTION of the incidence of pathologies related to excessive microwave radiation such as leukemia, lymphomas, breast tumors, epithelial melanomas, brain tumors, changes in cell permeability, metabolism variation, changes in the glandular Read More

DPE Shield

The DPE Shield absorbs abnormal levels of EMF from the environment, protecting your town, farm or industrial site from 5G and other interference, as well as severe weather.The DPE Shield creates a protected zone of 100km radius and several hundred km high, so it protects a substantial community, a farm or a large industrial site. Read More