How use Shungite to make Fullerene Water

Shungite neutralises a significant number of toxins as it holds a massive quantity of hydrogen, also making it very effective for water purification.
 Shungite can be consumed orally or applied topically via shungite water. It bonds & encapsulates materials including chemicals, volatile organic compounds, drugs, chlorine, fluoride, and radioactive particles. It kills a variety of Read More

Shungite use in Agriculture – Overview

Introduction and usage guidlinesNumerous applications.. Shungite has many applications in agriculture, viticulture, horticulture, pisciculture and general farming that extend equally well to garden plants and house plants, as well as fruit trees, vineyards, and even grain crops. Shungite is as suitable for home gardens as for large scale commercial operations. In the long run, and Read More

DPE Science

Quantum Mechanical Explanation of Photonic Processes of the DPE 100The first basic aspect to consider is the concept of radiated energy and more specifically that of the photon particle. This massless particle, with zero electric charge and whole spin, elementary constituent of electromagnetic radiation; it is also called the quantum of energy. Properties of photons: Read More

Sardinia Pilot Installation | DPE Agriculture

2019 Pilot with DPE Agriculture in SardiniaThe first image below is from a crop without DPE – the second image shows the results from a crop with DPE was installed.Without DPE installedAfter DPE installationThis corn crop with the DPE Agriculture is 65% taller than without it. • 6mm (24 points) + 9mm (36 points) + Read More