Christine – DPE100 – July 2020

It has been interesting to notice the effects on our environment since we installed our DPE 100.

We feed a semi-feral, older beautiful feline that has taken up residence on our back porch. During the warm weather months, we have had a high failure rate beating small black ants to her left-over food left twice a day and picked up within an hour. Putting her food bowls in larger flat bowls surrounding her food with a moat, has been pretty effective. From day one, the small black ants disappeared! The small moat is no longer necessary!!! Our home is ruled by two, older, female felines. Both seem to be calmer, and more playful with us and each other. The energy in and around our home, does seem to be calmer.

Our bird feeders are being emptied faster than ever. It seems our bird population has exploded!!

These are just a few observations.

Thank you.

Christine A happy customer. July, 2020