Daniele – DPE Agriculture Installation – Italy 2020

Good morning, I’m Daniele and I live near Milan.

For experimentation, last summer I installed a DPE Agriculture in my garden, in the vicinity of an old jujube that has never produced much of either foliage or fruit, as the position is not suitable (it is not in direct sun) and the quality of the soil is quite poor (clayey, not draining as a jujube needs). In addition, my son planted some corn seeds in the vicinity of this tree.

After about two months, not only the corn sprouted and grew, but it developed in an impressive way (at least 4.5mt high) and with really lush foliage. Moreover, in about another 20 days, the cobs matured and became large and very healthy … as I never would have imagined: in about 2 and a half months … we have obtained amazing results.

As for the jujube, I can only confirm my admiration for this instrument of yours: the branches have grown well, the foliage has been luxuriant, shiny green and with large leaves. In addition, the quantity and quality of the fruit was nothing short of amazing: the branches were full of large, healthy and smooth fruit; the juice very tasty and very satisfying. In fact… it’s another plant.

I thank you for the opportunity you have given me to install the DPE Agriculture. I am attaching a video in which you will see “live” the results I have described.

(Jujube is a delicious, ancient and nutritious fruit originating in China. It is also known as Chinese date or red date.)