Dr Bill – DPE100 – USA 2020

Have had it in the ground nine days. Had the second mother of all storms. Weather Channel radar showed us in purple and that color is new. Highest threat level. No damage at the farm. Neighbor in front of me lost a chestnut tree. Looked like it was put in a blender. Nearby eight 100-year-old pecan trees and no damage at the adjacent little farm… Nothing on my 78-acre farm was damaged. Six miles away a huge area near the county road had hundreds of big trees toppled and more than 500 trees looked like the blender got them at about 10 feet from the ground; very strange. The Weather Channel predicted lots of rain with the storm but we got about an inch of slow rain, just like with the storm last week.

Storm damage to the county from Sunday night’s mega storm was over 100 million dollars, just in this county!!! Pictures in the local paper show damage everywhere and one man was killed by a falling tree. He was a PhD at the local college. The DPE was obviously working.

There are two more weather systems that are predicted to pass over here in the next week. Both are predicted to bring severe weather and lots of rain. I will keep you posted.

Update May 1, 2020

We have now had four mega storms in three weeks and not one bit of damage to the farm. Others in the county have had roofs torn off and in town seven miles away, not a single street without trees down and severe damage to commercial buildings, as well as homes in the town. As I drive thru town, I am very blessed to have the DPE 100.

Update May 10, 2020

Had another storm Friday night and it broke up over me and I got a little wind only. Wish I could afford the big unit. That would scare the weather mod guys.

Update August 30, 2020

I look at thousands of Pecan trees every week after a strong thunderstorm in this area. Big tree branches down almost everywhere. I have three big pecan trees in my yard and not a single tree branch ripped off since installing the DPE100 in the late winter at my farm. Outstanding crop of apples, pears and especially scuppernongs (grapes) this year. Thank you, again.

Bill’s DPE100 update September 16, 2020 in the midst of Hurricane Sally

All is well here. 35 mph wind gusts for the last 24 hours but lots of rain and more to come tonight and tomorrow. Not excessively hard rain here and no flooding at the farm. Office is two miles away and all is ok here, also. People 40-50 miles south of here and on the coast not so lucky. Over 500,000 without electricity and many without phone service. Smart people do not build or buy when the elevation is 2-5 feet above sea level. However, I know some really dumb ones who have lost all their cars, homes and anything else of value because they had to live near the ocean.

The blue top on the DPE100 is a great sight when I walk up the hill at my farm. No damage anywhere on the farm or close neighbors who are benefiting for free. Hope the rain clouds break up later today. Will keep you posted.

The next morning:

The back end of Hurricane Sally literally broke into multiple very small isolated showers a few hours ago over this area. Forecast changed to light rain, now, and also partial sun all day (Thursday). Weather radar indicates at 1am, thirty or more small showers over a wide area here in south Alabama. Absolutely no flooding or ground erosion at the farm. No pecan tree limbs down or oak tree limbs down anywhere on the 78 acres. I can also report that there is no damage or excessive rain at my office, which is about 2 miles from the farm. There is a tree line 40 feet behind the office and no damage and no fallen limbs on or near any of the three buildings at the office complex. I plan to get a second unit in a few months to extend coverage on an expensive and very large barn I had built 17 years ago. The barn is almost a mile from the current unit. Today’s cost for a new barn would be out of my reach. The DPE100 is really very cheap insurance, in my opinion. I am also extremely concerned with EMP issues along with 5G and I believe those concerns are a non-issue today. It is hard to explain the calm feeling I feel at the farm. I almost forgot that the pecans are at full maturity on the farm, almost two months early. My neighbor in front of the farm also has full maturity on his seven-hundred-year-old pecan trees.

Thanks to everyone who has worked on the DPE 100 project.

Your friend, Dr. Bill McFarland NMD aka silver man prepper