Dr. S DeVita – DPE 100 – October 2020

We installed our DPE100 about a month ago on our country property. We are not in an area where we experience hurricanes or severe weather disturbances, other than in the wintertime with more severe snowstorms or snowfalls. We have just entered our Fall season. So far, we have noticed a greater calmness and serenity on our property, along with a feeling of safety. We have also noticed a huge difference when we re-enter onto our property; a feeling of groundedness and centeredness – it’s as if we stepped into our own invisible bubble of sanity and harmony, out of the world of confusion and chaos that is going on in the world and our cities.

We have noticed more birds around our home. Our guests who have visited our property have also reported feeling peaceful and harmonious; feeling very comforted. We’re sure we’ll notice more as we progress into our winter months. We feel most delighted with our DPE100 investment.

Dr. Sabina DeVita October 27, 2020