Mark H. – Chemtrail Dispersed by DPE100 – June 2020

I wanted to share these photos of the “Blue Eye” above our home in Pennsylvania and specifically the Chemtrail being torn apart by the DPE100. We have not had Chemtrails in our area for approximately 2 weeks, a welcome surprise.

I was actually outside cooking on the grill and when I looked up. I was surprised to see this line trail.

I must say that when I first saw the trail it was thicker and more defined.

It very quickly was dispersed, to my surprise. As those who are aware and watch these horrible abominations, they gradually spread out in the sky and leave it a milky white, blocking out the sun. Not so today! The trail was dispersed unlike anything I have seen before. I am firmly convinced the DPE100 was directly responsible for this.

I urge all people to save your money to purchase one of these units. It may just save your life in these uncertain times.

And yes, I have a consistent “Blue eye” above and around our house and parts of our small city near the house.

This device is no joke. Thank you to our Brothers and Sisters for this technology.

I know my DPE100 has given me a peace of mind, both literally and figuratively. And the birds and squirrels and rabbits, oh my, how happy they are! The birds are constantly singing and chirping! I saw a rabbit sunning himself between some flower beds and when he saw me, he barely moved as I slowly approached him. He was so laid back I thought he was injured. He finally got up and hopped away, but I have never seen a rabbit so passive! He was just soaking in the rays and enjoying life without harmful radiation and 5G bombarding him!

What a treat this device is. With love and respect, Mark Harrison June 18, 2020