Mark H. – DPE100 Installation – 2020

I installed the DPE100 on the North side of my house this past Saturday the 11th of April. There was a very large storm system approaching the North Eastern United States, due to hit our area late Sunday night (Easter Sunday) and all of Monday, the 13th. The forecast was for very heavy rain and strong winds all Monday.

I awoke Monday morning to heavy rain and mild winds gusts. As the morning progressed, patches of blue sky appeared above our house and around the immediate vicinity. This continued throughout the day and by 3pm the rain had left and we were left with mild breezes and a decent day. I spoke to several people in the area, who were surprised that we did not get the bad effects of the storm. Yes, I replied, I guess we got lucky! Also, I would like to note that the national weather service was calling for localized tornadoes in our area. None materialized.

We did get some heavy cloudbursts which lasted maybe 10 minutes or so, then moved on, but NO violent weather.

I am absolutely convinced the DPE 100 shredded portions of this storm to bits in our immediate area. This is ground-breaking technology.

I would also confirm the calm feeling that seems to permeate our home. Everything used to feel energized, but now it seems to be more tranquil. I am so happy I purchased my DPE 100. At least I have helped several 100 people in my area of coverage and they hopefully are living calmer lives.

I write this letter as a testimonial to others who may be considering purchasing a unit.

If you are “on the fence”, as the saying goes, take the plunge. You will not regret it.

I will continue to update your customers as the weeks and months go by.

Sincerely Mark,  April 15, 2020