Pair Shungite & Soapstone Сylinderical Harmonizers


Two rods are included. One cylinder is made of 100% Shungite stone. The other is 100% soapstone. The length of the cylinders is about 10 centimeters. The weight of each cylinder is about 170 grams.

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Hold the Shungite (black) in the left hand, the Soapstone (grey) in the Right hand for the best energy flow for the body. Take a comfortable position. Close your eyes, and ensure your breathing is even and calm. Feel the energy of both stones, feel the energy flow from hand to hand through your entire body. Release your thoughts and don’t think about anything. The time for the exercise is 7-10 minutes.

Holding the rods in each hand, stand with the left foot forward and elbows bent so the hands are at waist level reaching out to the front, hold the rods in each hand. The time for the exercise is 5-7 minutes.