Shungite Classic Pyramid | Unpolished | 150mm


These pyramids are made of a single piece of genuine Shungite stone. The specified size is for the base of the pyramid (150mm x 150mm square). The surface finish is matt unpolished. To avoid dust marking hands and light fabrics you can gently rinse your pyramid and dry with a soft cloth.

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Unpolished surface

Raw natural shungite has a rich black color and a rough to the touch surface. Care should be taken with light fabrics and textiles near shungite objects as it can leave black marks like coal. This is the result of the natural dust on the raw stone. After the pyramid is cut from a single piece of stone, its surface undergoes primary processing. After that, the surface of the shungite pyramid becomes matte and does not have such a rich black color, because part of the light begins to reflect from its surface.

If you wish you can rinse your shungite pyramid under running water and wipe lightly with a soft cloth. After this your hands should no longer get dirty.

The surface of shungite often shows veins of other minerals that are part of the stone. Mainly these are the two main satellites of genuine shungite stone. These minerals are Pyrite (has Golden color of veins) and Quartzite (has whitish color of veins). Such veins on the surface of the pyramids are like human fingerprints, which have no repetition in nature. This is another distinctive feature that makes each product unique.

In addition, it is worth noting that the appearance of two different surfaces will differ significantly from each other however this does not affect the abilities of this rare stone.

Polished surface

After the primary treatment, the finishing treatment of the surface of the shungite pyramid follows. This requires additional time and effort, as well as special equipment. Mainly it is a special material that at high speed comes into contact with the surface and makes it absolutely smooth like glass. Please note this is not shungite paint, it is the thinnest natural polished layer, which is one whole of the whole product.

Pay attention, on such surface easily there are traces from fingers of hands. You can remove them with a damp soft cloth or under running water. However it is not necessary to RUB strongly such surface as you can cause damage.

The polished surface of the shungite pyramid has a rich black deep color. Its surface perfectly reflects the daylight, if you turn the pyramid at a certain angle. On such a surface traces of pyrite and quartzite are poorly visible, but still you can distinguish and see them. Just find the correct angle of light reflection on its surface. It should also be noted that both types of shungite surface are electrically conductive.

How to use shungite pyramids

Shungite pyramids properties

A well-known scientific fact says that shungite is an amazing mineral, a distinctive feature of which is the ability to absorb dangerous waves that can have a negative impact on humans and animals. It is also known that each geometric figure is endowed with its own energy. The shungite pyramid combines these two phenomena.

Usually a similar geometric shape of shungite is placed near the sources of dangerous EMF waves – one of the worst culprits is computer screens and monitors. There is a lot of information about how the dimensions of the pyramid affect its effectiveness and the distance at which it acts. However, we have not found specific scientific evidence on how the dimensions or shapes of various geometric shapes affect the effectiveness of shungite.

Usually recommended pyramid classical shape sizes from 5 to 10 centimeters. These dimensions are for the base and not the height of the product. Also, these geometric shapes of natural rare stone can be used for energy charging and activation of water. As follows from public recommendations for this purpose it is enough to place a pyramid in a vessel with water for 1-2 hours.

Do not use polished surfaces of shungite for water purification as the polished surface does not have absorption properties and does not absorb harmful impurities from the water. In addition, the surface of the pyramid is extremely small for contact with water. For these purposes, it is better to use natural raw stones >>