Rev. Handy – DPE100 – Florida – August 2020

Well as you can see in the news, Hurricane Isaias is causing lots of damage up the East Coast of USA. It was still a Tropical storm when it came by the Florida East Coast this past Saturday night and Sunday day, August 1 and 2, 2020.

I took the precautions of tying things down that might fly around and covering a few plants, but that was all.

Then I waited….

There was very little wind, and very little rain.

When the TV Weather news came on… the reporters were scratching their heads, because the storm came straight up the Florida East Coast, but when it got to my area of Lantana and Lake Worth, FL, it bent around it to the East, like a curve ball in a baseball game, making a perfect half-moon bend before it returned to the Coast and got back on track. Now I realize my DPE100 goes out only 2 miles around, and I am 10 miles from the Beach, and the storm center was about 30 miles off the shoreline.

But the DPE100 also goes up 200 miles into the air, so I have to believe, that it did something… a wonderful miracle trick… and caused that curve ball to protect my area. Blessings to all, Rev. Merriam Joan Handy