Robert – DPE100 – April 21, 2020

When we finally installed it, we took careful note of how we (a lady who lives here and me) were breathing. Both of us were able to breathe more easily within two or three minutes of installing the unit, which rather surprised me. I didn’t think it would be as quick as that.

4 I have got a bit of a chest problem and it’s been helped enormously by taking a dessertspoonful of overproof rum. Just as the day changes into night, I can feel the chest tighten a little bit. Now, I don’t get that feeling. I’m still having the rum, but since that unit’s been installed, that tightening has gone. I’m virtually a teetotaller, so drinking overproof rum, even a small quantity, was quite a learning experience!!!

The other thing that’s most remarkable is that the animals here are quieter. We have horses and dogs and their behaviour changed overnight. The whole place is more placid. Also, a person that lives in the same house here had had a very bad fall from a horse 18 months ago and was still walking quite stiffly and with great difficulty. Everyone’s been giving a bit of a hand and have done what they can to help, but since the DPE 100’s been installed, something’s happened and his body is much looser. So now we’re getting somewhere and he’s walking much, much better.

Although this is difficult to show to others, my intuition has improved dramatically since the DPE 100’s been installed.

Robert April 21, 2020