Thierry – DPE100 – May 2020

Dear Richard, It is about a month now since I installed my DPE 100.

Two days after, a storm with strong winds and hail tried to visit us from west and bent to North at the hidden border of the DPE. We had a gentle rain instead. The phenomenon repeated itself several times during the month, with drizzle when it was pouring rain nearby.

But the most fascinating is the repeated formation of a blue eye circle in the sky when everywhere else is still strongly cloudy. The first place to dissipate fog is above my property. So, it really affects weather and creates a kind of microclimate.

I have noticed that plants are growing faster and healthier. The man who is taking care of the vegetable garden doesn’t understand what is happening.

More birds and new species are coming as well.

I have been trained in Biogeometry and checked the vibratory qualities of the DPE. It does counterbalance strongly the Geopathic discrepancies and installs a positive and healing field. It has all the same color frequencies and qualities of power places and healing spots, plus a strong component of blue emanating from the Earth.

I have noticed that it has a soothing and comfortable action on positive people, but negative ones don’t appreciate it and leave. Perhaps, with time, they would harmonise as well?

I am very glad to have found this device. It would be nice to have an intermediate model between the DPE 100 and its big brother (DPE Shield). 15 kms would be ideal (and maybe more financially affordable) to install a stronger microclimate and create a positive influence to the community.

Best regards, Thierry May 2020